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Agartee empowers you to improve your respiratory health, with a simple way to track your medication usage along with your wellness data and share them with your doctor.


1000s of trials demonstrate that you can have more symptom free days, because of Agartee


50% of chronically ill patients do not adhere to their care plans...

" I mixed up my rescue and maintenance medications...
From Agartee's alerts I realized
I was using a lot of unnecessary medication!"
- Gloria, (F, 78)

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It took us three years of very intense R&D, but we found a perfect solution & built a set of technologies that require patients to do almost nothing while giving them and their care teams rich analytics to help manage the patient's disease.​

our technology is enabling patients and their care teams to get outside of silos and start communicating in ways that they were never able to do before.

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