Critical COVID-19 Monitoring
Get real-time monitoring and EARLY detection of critical COVID-19 symptoms for at-risk individuals

Engage patients in their health and deliver the care that they need

Our personalized behavioral analysis service enables you to virtually support your patients with chronic diseases


Relevant indicators and meaningful results

Our studies have shown lasting positive outcomes for seniors and high-risk patients

+ 63%
improvement in medication adherence after 60 days

of 200 COPD patients recruited in 10 months, completed the study

average age of participants from thousands of studies conducted

Manage multiple populations with one service

Pulmonary Conditions

Pulmonary Conditions

Sleep Breathing<br />Disorders

Sleep Breathing

Senior / Parents Care

Senior / Parents Care

Behavior change is possible with intrinsic motivation and continuous communication

We provide tools and support to people and help them to achieve long-term healthy behavior.
  • Coaching by accredited care teams

  • Connected health devices

  • Seamless note-taking and communication

  • Medication technique training

  • Personalized reports to improve adherence and implement preventative care

Save cost and improve the quality of care at the same time

We deliver savings through collaborations with care providers and health plans

<1 yr
Return on Investment

Agartee helps participants to stay home much longer than the status quo, save on readmission cost, and free up hospital beds.
INSPIRED program provided 3x ROI and Agartee accelerated the savings.1

2x longer
Return on Investment

Agartee led to 2x increase in the length of stay at home. 1 in 3 patients with COPD returns to hospitals within 30 days of discharge. However in our studies, participants stayed home for 60 days or longer.2

Reimbursed by Remote Patient Monitoring or Telehealth Codes

  • Canada (P13016 - 18)
  • US (CPT 99091, 99457 and 99458)

Flexible Package or Enrollment-based Pricing

Flexible package is available for facilities with more than 50 participants.
For the pre-condition population, you’ll pay after your participants enroll in the program.

Your Benefits with Agartee

Seamless automatic data collection

Our smart, cellular-connected devices are already registered with the participant’s account and require no set-up or training. They just work out of the box.
No WiFi, Bluetooth or internet-connected phone required.

High digital engagement and continuous communication

Agartee makes it seamless to communicate with your coaches. The information can be seen 24/7 via Agartee care coordination software or Agartee mobile applications.

Easy implementation

We have worked with leading health providers for years and have an in-depth understanding of the process. We provide tools and support the whole process from recruitment to onboarding, note-taking, and reporting.

Highest security

Security is at the heart of our practice. We comply with all security standards such as HIPPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR.

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  • 1. Spreading ‘INSPIRED’ Approaches to COPD Care
  • 2. Reducing COPD Readmission Rates: Using a COPD Care Service During Care Transitions