Get real-time monitoring and EARLY detection of critical COVID-19 symptoms and health metrics for seniors and other at-risk individuals (both home-based or medical/care facility residents)

Our automated, real-time, non-invasive system monitors fever, fatigue, sleep patterns, and respiratory function using cellular connected smart devices.

We have years of experience monitoring at-risk individuals (COPD, Asthma, Dementia, other conditions). Our technology is proven and reliable, and in use in homes, hospitals and care facilities across the globe.

What are the benefits?

Remotely identify individuals with severe symptoms, or critical changes in heath metrics

Focus testing on those individuals most at risk, allowing for faster testing for those who need it

Reduce exposure for care givers and first responders to possible cases

Our Solution

We provide an automatic COVID-19 symptom monitoring, triage for faster intervention and coaching for home or care facilities

Automated symptom monitoring

Personalized insights to at-risk population to ask for help at the right times

Screening and Triage to care teams for quicker response or coaching

Reporting for population health planning

Take control of your health with an all-in-one monitoring system

All connected devices will be delivered to participants. We may send other devices such as connected pulse oximeters, or blood pressure monitors if recommended by the care teams.

Get alerted when your body temperature increases with our connected thermometer

  • Automatic data upload
  • Seamless in-app and web-based tracking
  • Personalized feedback and notifications

How to use

Setting up Agartee is as simple as plugging-in your TV at home. We designed your solution to work out of the box with no extra set-up needed.

Plug in the connected hub

Plug in the data hub into your wall at home. We’ve already synced your devices to your account.


Attach sensors

Wear the activity/sleep tracker on your wrist.
Use the thermometer
Put the add-on sensor cap to your inhaler (if applicable).


Continue your day

Agartee’s data hub will send the data to a secure cloud, where platform software will analyze it.


Take control and share with your care team

You will receive personalized insights about your symptoms.
Agartee’s dashboard will send an alarm to your care team right away, if it’s needed.

Learn more about how we can help monitor COVID-19 symptoms for you